Paint Jam in East London as Street Artists Give Building A Whole New Lease of Life

Inspiring City

I’ve always been a little unsure in terms of how best to describe a group of street artists on the hunt for wall space. A cohort perhaps? A motley crew? Sometimes maybe, although I suppose, as with anything, it depends on whose in it. The term of endearment I’ve chosen though is a gaggle! A gaggle of street artists has a nice ring to it and it is with such a gaggle that Inspiring City met up with on a crisp morning in February in order to transform an old abandoned and utterly derelict former office block in East London into a joyful canvas.

Now street artists are always looking for spots to paint and sometimes a building comes along which is just too tempting to ignore. One such space, is a soon be demolished office block which will soon make way for gentrified regeneration. Presently it is an eyesore…

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