Dogstroll illustrations – exhibition

Dogstroll – Walking and daycare Illustrations for Dogstroll. Dog portraits based on Mark Scott photographs for his exhibition in Wimbledon Park Rd Advertisements

Louis Armstrong

Billie Holiday

Starving Arts exhibition at the Ritzy, Brixton, London PART 1

MUSIC.ART.SPOKEN WORD – PRIVATE VIEW 1st Exhibition in curation of Starving Arts and the Ritzy in Brixton, London. On Tuesday September 3rd, artists from the Starving Arts project were invited at the Ritzy  ‘Upstairs’ to… Continue reading


Incognito iguana Flyers Cycooldelic  parrot flyer Menu Boards Business and Loyalty cards (bird+blue characters originally created my Steven Ball, re-drawn by Thieu) The coffee-bike shop            

Dunkers and Co – Dutch pancakes